Delay and abrogation of prophecy

[ BACK ] Sometimes the prophecy made by a godly person about himself is actually fulfilled after him through his followers. Hadith records:

[1.]"The Holy Prophet said, I was asleep and the keys to the treasures of the earth were brought before me till they were placed in my hands. Abu Huraira said, The Holy Prophet departed from this world, and you [O Muslims] are bringing forth those treasures."

(Bukhari, Book 92: Kitab al-Ta`bir, ch. 11)

[2.] "Ismaili said: People who interpret dreams say that the Holy Prophet saw in a dream that Usaid ibn Abi al-Ais was the Chief of Makka, having become a Muslim. However, he died while still a disbeliever, and the dream was fulfilled in his son Uttab who became a Muslim."

It is not necessary that all the prophecies made by a prophet or other appointed one of God should be fulfilled within his lifetime. The Holy Quran, addressing the Holy Prophet on the subject of the promised destruction of his opponents, says in this regard:

"Be patient; surely God's promise is true. Whether We [God] show you some of those things with which We threaten them [i.e. the opponents], or cause you to die [before the fulfillment], in any case, they will return to Us."


In accordance with this, countless prophecies made by the Holy Prophet Muhammad have been coming to pass since his death even up to today, and will continue to find fulfillment till the end of the world.

Prophecies can sometimes be abrogated, as the Holy Quran says:

"And it is not in the power of a messenger to bring a sign except by God's permission. For every term [of fulfillment of a prophecy] there is a command. God effaces what He pleases and establishes what He pleases.''