A list of sources used for this section

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Writings of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Izala Auham (1891)

Majmu'a Ishutiharat (1891)

Nishan Asmani (1892)

A'inah Kamalat Islam (1893)

Jang Muqaddas (1893)

Hamamat al-Bushra (1894)

From Majma'a Ishtiharat (1897)

Anjam Atham (1897)

Siraj Munir (1897)

Kitab al-Barriyya (1898)

Ayyam as-Suih (1898)

Arba'in (1900)

Tiryaq al-Qulab (1902)

Mawahib ar-Rahmdn (1903)

Tazkirat ash-Shahadatain (1903)

Lecture Islam, Sialkot (1904)

Al-Wasiyya (1905)

Haqiqat al-Wahy (1907)

Hand-written note (27 October 1907)


Ahmadiyya journals (pre-Split)




Qadiani sources.

The Truth about the Split, by Mirza Mabmud Anmad (1924)

A 'inah-i Sadaqat, by Mirza Mabmud Ahmad (1921)

Anwar-i Khilafat, by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (1916)

Kalimat-ul-Fasal, by Mirza Bashir Abmad (1915)

Journal AI-Fazl

Journal Review of Religions (Urdu)


Lahore Ahmadiyya publications.

The Split in the Ahmadiyya Movement, by Maulana Muhammad Ah (1918)

Radd Takftr ahl-i Qibla, by Maulana Muhammad Ah (1920)

Each and every Qadiani invited to arbitrate (Urdu) by Maulana Muhammad Ah (1940)

Journal Paigham Sulh