Fatwas of Kufr
The prohibition of Takfir   Takfir or the condemnation of a Muslim by another Muslim as a kafir is strictly prohibited in the Quran, the Hadith, and the writings of many eminent Muslim authorities.

This section presents quotes from the Quran, Hadith, and Muslim theologians on the prohibition of Takfir (calling a Muslim as a kafir). Also, the view held by Muslim theologians' that a person cannot be called kafir on the grounds that he differs with a commonly-accepted interpretation of some religious point.

One chief argument advanced by our opponents is that Ahmadis are kafir because the leaders of various Muslim groups have issued fatwas (rulings) against them, describing them as kafir. But the fact is that all these sects have also issued fatwas of the same sort against each other. Their fatwas declare Muslims to be kafir on the most trivial grounds. Therefore by this argument, every Muslim in the world can be proved to be a kafir!

This Section first presents quotes from the Quran, Hadith and the writings of Islamic Jurists on the prohibition of takfir. It then presents examples of fatwas of kufr issued by various Sunni sects against each other in recent times. It then shows that the great Muslim religious figures in history were all persecuted and branded as kafir by the religious leaders and the Muslim governments of their times. The fact that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad has been subjected to similar treatment is more an indication of his truth, rather than proving him to be a kafir.

Ghulam Ahmad Pervez of Lahore is a well-known Pakistani Islamic thinker and writer, representing the Ahl-i Quran tendency, and founder of the Idara Tulu`-i-Islam (Institute of the Dawn of Islam). In the monthly journal of this institute, entitled Tulu`-i-Islam, dated August 1969, there is an extensive article headed Fatwas of Kufr (Rulings of Heresy) quoting fatwas of various Sunni groups condemning one another as kafir. All but the first two and the last section are taken from this article.

A Mu'awwil cannot be called kafir
Fatwas of conformists against non-conformists
Fatwas of non-conformists against conformists
Barelvis vs. Deobandis
Fatwas against individual leaders
Fatwas of Kufr against prominent early Muslims
Fatwas against G.A. Pervez, the main source for collecting the above Fatwas
Munir Report on Fatwas of Kufr
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