Revelation to the Companions of Holy Prophet

[BACK] Given below are some recorded examples of revelation to the Holy Prophet's Companions, both during his life and afterwards.

``Aisha related that when the Companions decided to wash the body of the Holy Prophet [before his burial], they said: By God, we do not know whether to remove his clothes, as we do for the dead, or to wash him with his clothes on. So when they differed about this, God caused them to fall asleep, till there was not one of them whose chin was not upon his chest. Then a speaker spoke from one side of the house, they did not know who it was, saying: Wash the Holy Prophet with his clothes on.''

(Abu Dawud, Book of Funerals; Mishkat, Book of Fitan, ch. `Miracles', sec. 2)

``A slave-girl of Abu Bakr was pregnant. He said: It was revealed to me that it would be a girl. And she gave birth to a girl.''

(Kitab al-Lama', by Abu Nasr Abdullah al-Qausani, ch. Abu Bakr)

``In the written orders which Umar [the second Caliph] sent to [his army commander] Sa`ad Ibn Abi Waqqas during the Persian campaign, it was stated that it had been revealed to him that the enemy would be defeated.''

(Al-Wasa'iq as-Sabasiyya, p. 302, compiled by Dr Hamidullah of Hyderabad)

``Ali and al-Fazl were washing the Holy Prophet's body when Ali heard a voice saying: Lift up your eyes to heaven.''

(Al-Khasa'is al-Kubra, by Suyuti, vol. ii, p. 276)

``Anas related that Abu Ibn Ka`b said: I shall enter the mosque and pray, and praise God so much that no one would have praised Him like that. So when he prayed, and sat down to praise God, he heard a voice from behind him saying: O God, all praise is due to Thee, all good is in Thy hand, all affairs return to Thee, open or secret, all praise is due to Thee, Thou hast power over all things, forgive me my past sins and keep me pure for the rest of my life, grant me to do good deeds which please Thee from me, and turn to me mercifully. Then Abu Ibn Ka`b came to the Holy Prophet and related this to him. The Holy Prophet said: That was Gabriel.''

(Ruh al-Ma`ani, vol. vii, p. 64, under verse 33:40)

``Abdullah Ibn Zaid Ibn Abd Rabbih related: When the Holy Prophet ordered the making of a trumpet to use it to call people to prayer, I saw in a dream a man carrying a trumpet in his hand. I said to him: Are you selling the trumpet? He said: What will you do with it? I said: Call people to prayer. He said: Shall I not show you something better than it? I said: Yes. He said: Say, Allahu Akbar (up to the end of the words of the Call to Prayer). In the morning I went to the Holy Prophet and told him of my dream. He said: `Your dream is surely true, if God so will. Go and stand with Bilal and tell him your dream. Let him give the call to prayer, because his voice is louder than yours.' So I stood with Bilal and told him of the words, and he made the call to prayer.''

(Mishkat, Book of Prayer, ch. `The Call to Prayer', sec. 3)

To summarise, wahy nubuwwat has ended, but mubashshirat continue, and these include true dreams which are a part of prophethood. The revelations of saints amongst Muslims also include inspiration and the hearing of words, as the aforementioned anecdotes from the lives of the Companions of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) show.