The Dignity of Jesus
Hazrat Mirza honours Jesus as Prophet of God   This Section refutes at length the wide-spread propaganda against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that he used abusive language about Jesus. Hazrat Mirza's writings are quoted to show the high reverence in which he held Jesus as a prophet accepted in Islam.

Then, referring to the highly-charged polemical controversies between Christians and Muslims in India in the late nineteenth century, the style of reply which Hazrat Mirza was forced to employ, in order to rebut some nasty Christian literature against the Holy Prophet Muhammad, is explained by quoting from his writings. Finally, the views and practice of other Muslim theologians, both before and after his time, are given, showing that they adopted exactly the same approach as did Hazrat Mirza. Indeed their language and tone of writing was much stronger than his.

Hazrat Mirza's reply to Christian attacks
Muslim Ulama criticise Jesus of the Gospels
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