No Claim To Prophethood: 20 Arguments by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Here are twenty arguments with supporting quotations from Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's writings which conclusively show that he did not claim to be a prophet. His claim was rather that of a Muhaddas [Saint].

  Plain Denials Explains Khatam an-nabiyyin Explains la nabiyya ba'adi Termination of Wahy Nabuwwat Angel Gabriel cannot bring Wahy Nabuwwat
Recipient of Wahy Wilayat His own revelation tested by the Holy Quran Is Follower and subordinate of Mohammad (pbuh) No prophet, new or old can come after Mohammad (pbuh) Religion achieves perfection with Mohammad (pbuh)
Words Nabi & Rasul used in Metaphorical & linguistic sense Merely God's speaking to man is not real prophethood Hadith of the Promised Messiah uses Nabi as a metaphor Claim as a Muhaddas and a Saint Considered himself a follower & a prophet and explained it to mean a Muhaddas
Word Rasul also used for Muhaddas & Mujaddid Zilli Nabi Buroozi nabi Inscription on his grave-stone Instructed his followers to refrain from using the word Nabi for him
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