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There are many misconceptions regarding the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Mujaddid of the 14th century Hijra. As in the case of all reformers in Islam, he has been the target of fatwas of kufr from rigid traditionalists who misunderstand his message, and his followers have been subjected to excommunication and institutionalized persecution.

Sadly, a large faction from among his followers, now known as the the Qadiani Jama't, have elevated Mirza sahib to the status of a prophet. The extreme position taken by the Qadianis---along with its inevitable corollary that all Muslims who do not accept Mirza Sahib's claims are kafirs (i.e., disbelievers outside the pale of Islam)---has only worsened the situation, reinforcing misconceptions about Mirza sahib's message and fanning hatreds against his followers.

This site has been made to provide the public with Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's real claims, as presented in his writings, and prove that he neither claimed to be a prophet nor considered acceptance of his claims mandatory for all Muslims.

His claims were firmly anchored in Islamic shariah, as well as steeped in the Sufi tradition. Thus, they departed in no way from the tradition established by the prominent Muslim saints of the past.

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